Our restaurant has a "pay-what-you-can" philosophy. Great food. And an inclusive vibe.

About Gather55

Gather55 harnesses the power of delicious food to connect diverse communities through a restaurant with an inclusive vibe where all can gather regardless of ability to pay. Gather55 is a Hands On Hartford initiative and part of Hands On Hartford’s commitment to serve neighbors, engage volunteers and connect communities in the Hartford area.


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Featured Chef - Dinner Service

Andrew Perri, Executive Chef at Fire by Forge and Lead Culinary Instructor at Forge City Works, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the culinary world. Born in Camden, NJ, and raised in the Philadelphia suburbs (Go Birds!), Andrew has dedicated the past two decades of his career to working in various roles within the restaurant industry, starting from humble beginnings as a dishwasher and progressing to his current esteemed position. His culinary education includes attending the Italian Culinary Institute in Calabria, Italy, as well as Manchester Community College.


Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact beyond the pursuit of financial gain and grueling work hours, Andrew discovered FCW (Forge City Works). This discovery became a turning point, offering him the opportunity to contribute to changing people’s lives through empowerment, coaching, and the transformative power of food. While teaching individuals to cook plays a vital role in his approach, Andrew’s focus extends beyond the kitchen. He believes in building and nurturing relationships, instilling confidence, and reminding others of their inherent value and potential for success.


Motivated by a shared mission with Hands on Hartford and Forge City Works, which involves strengthening communities in Hartford through programs that positively impact those in need, Andrew is excited to serve as the guest chef for June at Gather 55. This opportunity allows him to connect with individuals and organizations who share a passion for driving these missions forward while enjoying the pleasure of good food along the way.


Andrew Perri’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to making a difference through culinary arts make him a valuable asset to the Fire by Forge and Forge City Works team

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